Landscape Awards 2021


The first ever landscape awards have been launched in Greece this year and especially in April – the month of Landscape Architecture when our profession is being celebrated. The awards are being introduced as ‘Projects for a thriving future’ in Greece and aim to communicate the significant role a landscape architect can play in nature, spatial strategies and the community. The Landscape Awards have been set out with a clear link to the balance between nature and architecture and focus on the importance of a sustainable and net zero design as well as the smooth transition to a low carbon future.

With three main categories for this very first year, the committee will examine small, medium and large-scale designs looking for a coherent brief, and designs that will propose sustainable and environmentally friendly schemes in urban and peri urban areas. It is a great chance to communicate to the wider audience that landscape design is about a landscape identity, community engagement and bring economic benefits in the area.

The awards are open to landscape architects, horticulturists, architects and organizations based in Greece or based in international locations but have designed/completed projects in Greece. The submission deadline is 16th April 2021.

The Judging committee consists of experts and professionals in the fields of landscape architecture, architecture, horticulture and agronomy, academics, photographers and artists and they have been selected for their expertise and knowledge around different topics. Among the judging committee members is our EPA IFLA Chair, Dr Anastasia Nikologianni, representing IFLA in such a milestone event for Greece.

Each category will be set out to award a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner but surprises will keep us on our feet with special categories such as the Platinum and the Award of the Year. Certainly, a great initiative for our profession which demonstrates how inclusive and important landscape architecture is for future resilience.

The Landscape Awards are organized under the auspices of the by Boussias organization. You can find more information here:


We are proud to announce that Ztopos’ two nomimates have been honored with silver awards.

Επωνυμία Εταιρείας Συμμετέχουσα εταιρεία Category Επωνυμία έργου Awards
Ztopos ΖΩΗ ΚΑΡΑΚΙΝΑΡΗ Ztopos 2.2 The Hospitality Landscape olives in stone-scape SILVER
Ztopos ΖΩΗ ΚΑΡΑΚΙΝΑΡΗ Ztopos 3.4 Landscape Restoration water flows restorations SILVER